Most of digital marketers consider video marketing the best strategy in digital marketing. Video making strategy generates 1200 percent more shares than text and images put together in application. video making can make 157 percent increase in organic traffic of digital marketing.85 percent of Facebook videos are watched on mute.

Basically, digital marketing video is any video content that you simply create and share through social networks. Those videos will be regular posts, ads, Stories, cover videos, profile videos, or maybe comments on social posts.


But where you post the video, its purpose is usually the sameā€”to encourage your audience to have interaction together with your business and remember it.

1.Identifying The Right Goals

Videos are expensive to produce; therefore we ensure that thorough research is carried out before our video team starts with any project.

2. Choosing The Right Approach

The next step is to understand the 'what' of any video. We analyze our goals and settle on the best approach.

3.Choosing The Right Tone

It's essential to decide on the tone of the video based on the reaction we want to elicit from the audience.

4. Deciding On The Duration

We decide on the duration of the video to ensure that it is focused and will lead to the right engagement.

5. Writing The Script

Our team of content writers then start working on an appropriate script based on the parameters mentioned above.

6. Action!